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Sports Injuries and Tensions

Whether you’re a sports and health and fitness novice, fanatic or somewhere in between; minor injuries can happen fairly regularly and osteopathy can help reduce this. If you are looking to speed up your recovery time, prevent future occurrences or just understand what’s happening to your body during your movement and activity, we can help.

During your examination we will discuss the sport you do and get you moving to understand how your tissues react to various movements and force. We can advise you on your movements to help prevent future injury.

Treatment can involve gentle hands on stretching, sports type massage, gentle soft tissue manipulation and joint manipulation to encourage movement and reduce tissue tensions.

Where there has been an injury such as a strain or sprain, we will let you know if we can help with stability exercises and hands on treatment or whether you need an x-ray or MRI to help diagnose the level of damage and possible medical intervention as required. Following an injury whether recent or historic, it is important to get patients moving normally again and confident in their body.

Sometimes scar tissue can cause restrictions in your movement and flexibility and so reducing this where possible is helpful to prevent contracted tissues, while scar tissue cannot be gotten rid of completely, we can help reduce the full extent of tensions and restricted movement caused by scarring and resultant muscle guarding following injuries.