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Neuralgia means nerve pain, and this can have many different causes. Structures of the body can put pressure on nerves, injury of hard and soft tissues of the body including the nerve itself, can result in nerve pain, illness and chemical irritants in the blood which are repairing some ‘damage’ in the area, can also irritate nerves.

Nerve pain can feel like burning, stabbing or shooting pain, you may also experience pins and needles, weakness or numbness depending on whether there is pressure on the nerve.

In an osteopathic evaluation, we would investigate what the possible cause is and check the extent of the nerve symptoms to judge whether hands on treatment can help you or whether referral is necessary.

Treatment can involve gentle movements of joints to relax the area and improve circulation, as well as stretching, massage and other techniques to help improve flexibility and function. It is not always the area that you are feeling the pain that is causing the pain- with nerve pain, the cause of symptoms is often somewhere along the course of the nerve for example muscle, bony, joint that the nerve passes through over or close to. Referred pain means that the pain felt in an area is being caused by another area of the body.