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Muscle Spasms

A muscle spasm is a severe and painful contracting of the muscle that is involuntary. Muscles spasms can range from a short sharp shock when your body ‘tells you off’ for doing something it’s not used to or doesn’t like, to agonising cramps which can be short lived or episodic. These spams can occur when you move into a certain position where you’ve had a previous injury or pain, if you have been in a prolonged position where blood and nerve flow start to get restricted, if you are nervous about moving, and sometimes for no apparent reason, which we’ll investigate more for you.

Muscle spasms can be relieved with osteopathic treatment once we’ve worked out the reason they are occurring. Treatment may include gentle stretching, massage, joint manipulation which involves gentle stretching of the joints to encourage the surrounding muscles to relax. Treatment involves guidance in your movements and posture to help reduce spasms and relax and aims to work to prevent future occurrences and give you advice for what to do if it happens again.