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Migraine Prevention

Migraine symptoms are quite unique to the individual and can be very debilitating, more research is finding out the possible causes but a lot is still unknown. As well as various types of pain experienced in the head, migraine sufferers can experience changes to their senses.

It is important to speak with your GP if you haven’t done so already, as further tests may be advised and as there are so many headache types, a diagnosis of the type of headache should be made. Some patients find that medications and lifestyle changes can help reduce the frequency of their migraine so it is worth trying this path if the migraines are affecting your day to day life.

While osteopaths cannot cure migraines, and can’t completely rid symptoms of a current migraine, we can have very good results for reducing migraine intensity and frequency. We can also give you advice to help you to cope with them a little more.

Treatment is gentle and effective, leaving you feeling less stiff and achy around the head, neck, shoulders and back. Aside from treatment, we may advise you on other things you can try yourself, aimed to improve overall health and circulation, well-being and bodily functioning.