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About Michelle Hancock, M.Ost

Michelle is a very caring and highly skilled osteopath working from central Christchurch, Dorset and Lymington, Hampshire. Since qualifying from a 4-year master’s degree at the British School of Osteopathy she has worked in London, Hertfordshire, Essex and now back home on the South Coast.

She has helped patients who are suffering with back pain, sciatica, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain and headaches to name a few, with patients ranging from unsettled newborn babies, through to school age and to the elderly, office workers, sports people, during pregnancy and postpartum to manual workers.

Michelle uses gentle osteopathic techniques to release tension in the soft tissues of the body and joints, her aim is to reduce pain, improve function, and teach you how to prevent these symptoms from coming back and what to do if they return. She aims to get you better for the long term and equips you with advice, guidance and exercises such as stretches and posture tips for work and everyday life. Michelle is not just about the hands-on techniques, she is very interested in the way you move and use your body, and likes to find out the thought process behind what drives your movement and what your subconscious body does in the presence of pain and fear. By understanding how you move, Michelle can help you to undo some of the things that are keeping your pain a frequent occurrence.

The feedback Michelle often receives from patients is that they felt their story was listened to, that the treatment is very thorough, gentle, effective and well explained.

Michelle keeps up to date with the most recent research in hands on treatment, completes several courses and peer meetings a year to ensure she is giving her patients best care possible.

Aside from being passionate about looking after people, Michelle loves the outdoors, running, cycling, indoor climbing, skiing and is improving her strokes in swimming. Her most favourite thing to do is explore and hike mountains around the world and making dinner and cake for friends and family.