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The lower part of the spine is called the lumbar spine, it consists of 5 big vertebrae and has lots of different structures around this area that make it very strong but also flexible, certain structures are pain sensitive and can give you low back pain. Lumbago is an old-fashioned word used to refer to low back pain. It is not descriptive of one type of back pain but just a common general term.

On presenting with low back pain an extensive case history to establish the possible causes of you back pain will be carried out, as well as an examination of the back, posture and other areas that may be contributing to your symptoms; for example; the pelvis, feet, knees, hips etc. From here we would discuss with you the treatment options if appropriate as well as explaining the nature of the problem and how you can help yourself to reduce the pain and prevent future occurrences.

Osteopathic treatment of ‘lumbago’ depends on what the diagnosis is we have come to, hands on treatment (if appropriate), may consist of gentle stretching, joint manipulation and articulation (effective movement within the joint’s natural range of movement to release tension), muscle work and relaxation and calming of the tissues to reduce symptoms. It may be the case that we don’t work directly in the area of pain, as the cause of the symptoms is not always from the symptomatic area, if for example, the upper back and hips are restrictive- we may work on these structures to allow freer movement in the low spine. Likewise, pain is not always caused by a certain structure such as a disc, nerve, joint etc, there is a lot of advice given on pain and on how it works, which can be really helpful in your understanding and help you to have more control over your pain.

Gaining confidence in your low back again is something that Michelle is very passionate about, she is very keen to get you returning to your normal movement as soon as possible with lots of reassurance and guidance in a gentle and safe environment. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Michelle.