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Covid-19 Update: Hancock Osteopathy has been open for online consultations from 18th June 2020, please check for regular updates on the facebook page or contact Michelle directly for further information and advice.

About Michelle Hancock, M.Ost

Michelle is an osteopath who qualified from the University College of Osteopathy in London in 2014, and has since worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, from babies to the elderly. She is a caring and highly skilled practitioner with a huge breadth of knowledge from her multiple post-graduate courses as well as her 4-year master degree in Osteopathy.

She now practices from home offering video call consultations/telehealth, which is well suited to the current climate we find ourselves in! Michelle was shaped as a practitioner working hands on with the public over the years and through attending many pain science education courses and lectures, where she has found her passion. Michelle has emerged as a practitioner who really listens to your story, and loves to try to help patients uncover what is the driving factor behind the symptoms they’re experiencing. Michelle is passionate in helping and encouraging patients to uncover new ways of managing and improving their symptoms and using this to work towards their goals, whether this is getting back to gardening, standing to make the dinner, picking up your grandchild, getting back to a sport or just feeling more in control of your symptoms with a better understanding of them.

While hands on therapies have a lot to offer and is how Michelle has spent most of her career, it is the discussion, advice and demonstration of what is possible to patients, alongside reassurance and getting you moving under guidance, that has really led the way to recovery and improved management in Michelle’s experience. The hands on treatment that Michelle practiced before Covid-19, was based around mostly gentle articulation techniques, relaxing the patient and the body’s tissues. This is something that can be taught to a degree to patients from home, to achieve in different ways, with guidance and the will to want to change.

Manual therapy is changing, and as valuable as touch is, having a better knowledge of your body and your symptoms and pain, can be the key to really helping you get to where you want to for the longer term.

Online consultations are easy to access; you do not need any special software or device other than your computer/laptop/tablet to open a link to the video call. It is completely secure, confidential and in this current climate, saves you the need of venturing into a clinic; you can just relax in the comfort of your own home! Please see appointments and booking for further information.

Michelle has a passion for putting people at ease and finding out the truth behind something! She has a love of reading and travelling, especially where remote trekking and mountains loom. Michelle comes from a large loving family of five siblings, which led her desire to want to make people feel welcome, well looked after and she won’t give up until she’s made a positive difference.

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Diaphragm breathing is a way to relax the body, ease away tension and reduce stress both physically and mentally. This simple video explains how to do it and makes it easy to check yourself during your day to see how you breathe.

Are you twisting enough when you walk and run? Is one side more twisty than the other? Learn about how we walk and run and how you can make these basic movements more efficient, improving your workout, your back health, and speed too!!

Posture is something lots of people are concerned about, but really it should be more about getting yourself comfortable in a way that your body can function well and limit pressure on muscles and other internal structures. This video helps you to learn how to find your comfy standing and sitting position, but you shouldn't rely on just this, get moving as much and as often as you can , even if it's minutely !!

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