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Inability to Relax

You may wonder how on earth osteopaths can help with this! It’s certainly not something that a patient normally presents with, but it is something I see every day that is a big contributing factor to patients ongoing symptoms.

An inability to relax often leads to muscle tension, clenching of jaw muscles, legs, feet and buttocks, low back and tightness in the ribcage and chest. Depending on the cause behind an inability to relax, we can work with you to help relax your system, calm your body, your breathing and help to improve your flexibility and comfort within the body.

We can give advice and lead you to other therapies that may also be helpful alongside osteopathic treatment; diet, mindset, medication, illness, and so on. We can guide you to investigate triggers and stimulators of your restlessness and while you’re in the room, get you feeling much calmer and rested to give you a grounding experience.