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Generalised Aches and Pains

Osteopathic treatment can help you to feel less stiff, more flexible and find out what is causing symptoms so we can help prevent them. Treatment may range from gentle, effective techniques to help mobilise joints, stretch muscles and work on surrounding soft tissue to release tension and promote relaxation.

The generalised aches and pains we can help you with are mostly caused by muscles and joints being tired, irritated, tight and restricted in their range of movement. Aches and pains may range from headaches to sport and work posture aches, shoulder pain, backs and anywhere in between. We also see lots of patients through their pregnancy as the body changes a lot and puts extra stresses and strains on you, as well as busy tired parents who benefit hugely from soothing treatments.

We help you to find out all the reasons that could be contributing to your symptoms and give you lots of advice on how to prevent them from coming back. We can teach you about how your body is moving and behaving in general activities, posture, use body awareness and give you simple exercises and stretches to try at home.

Part of the initial appointment will involve understanding whether the symptoms are something we can treat, or whether there is an underlying condition that requires further investigation or medication, if this is the case, we will write to your doctor for you informing them of what we have found in the examination, explaining your symptoms to make this process quicker and easier for you.