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Fibromyalgia can commonly leave you feeling very tired, stiff and achy.


There is a lot of information and further links on the NHS direct website which can be accessed here


The cause of fibromyalgia is still being researched, but at present, it is thought to linked to physical or emotional stress, or a combination of both.

While Osteopathy cannot cure fibromyalgia, it can give you some relief from the symptoms you experience. Stiffness and achy joints and muscles are commonly reported from those with fibromyalgia. Osteopathic treatment takes your individual needs and sensitivities into account and so we can treat you in a very gentle way, depending on how you feel that day or how you normally react to hands on treatment. We can give you lots of advice and support to help you feel at ease and get you moving more freely with less aching. Some patients come in as a one off to see what we think of the body and what we can offer, others come in periodically to have a ‘top up’ session as it helps to keep their aches and pains more at bay and find it a comfort when they are having a ‘flare up’ or particularly bad day or week.