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Elbow Pain

'Tennis elbow' and golfers elbow' are the most well-known elbow complaints; these terms are referring to the inner (golfers) and outer (tennis) parts of the elbow (if you have your palm facing upwards). The tendons of muscles of the forearm which produce movement at the wrist and hand attach into these bony prominences, and with a strain injury or over use, the tendons and muscles become painful, inflamed and even aggravate the periosteum ('skin' of the bone). If you feel your forearm with one hand and move your hand up and down at the wrist with the other hand, or ball your fist and tense, you can feel these muscles of the forearm working.

There are lots of reasons that you may have been more vulnerable to having a painful elbow, these may involve how you use your arms regularly but also can be from the upper back and neck as these structures impact the way we can use our arms freely and effectively, and so can contribute to strains at the elbows.

Depending on what is causing your elbow pain, we can help with hands on treatment locally, improving the range of movement and reducing muscle tensions, giving advice and self-help, as well as treating the areas that may be contributing to the symptoms, such as the neck, back, wrist, shoulder and posture.