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Circulation Problems

Circulation problems can be quite common, lots of us suffer with cold hands and feet or feeling cold easily, but on the end of the spectrum of very poor circulation there can be; poor healing, regular and chronic build-up of fluids, swelling from a poor ability for fluids to drain which can lead to stretched tissues, further poor drainage and pain.

Poor circulation can happen as a result of underlying health conditions such as; cardiovascular problems, diabetes, organ dysfunction, but also with the less known culprits such as; depression, stress, muscle tension, fitness, genetics, and certain lifestyle factors.

Osteopaths can help improve your circulation problems by helping you to recognise what could be contributing to the problem and using hands on techniques to treat the whole body. Getting the bodily fluids ‘pumping’ from legs to hips, diaphragm, chest and neck are all important regions to work on- sometimes the joints that normally activate your body’s natural ‘pumps’ are restricted- we can help improve this mechanism to get things moving better in the body and advise you of ways to help this process at home.

Where there are muscular and other restrictions where major blood and lymph vessels travel through, we will discuss with you how you can improve your flexibility and mobility to help as well as treating these areas with gentle joint articulations and muscle work, so that you can maximise your own movements in activity and stretching to aid circulation.