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What our patients are saying...


“With the very active lives we live now, there are many occasions that friends complain of similar niggles to me but whom haven’t ever visited a specialist. Having seen many different specialists over the years for my many aches and pains, I can say I have and will always recommend you to friends and family, as you have been fantastic at treating all my varied injuries and symptoms”.

Rick O, Lymington

“I recently had treatment from Michelle after I hurt my back and am now feeling much better and the pain has subsided. Michelle was able to increase my mobility over a few weeks and in particular stressed the importance of keeping moving! She gave me some gentle exercises which helped and recommended that I get a fitness ball which has proved to be very useful for stretching,exercising and relaxing my back.I will certainly go back to her if I have any problems in the future.”

Bernadette, retired PE teacher, Verwood

Postural issues associated with scoliosis

“Thank you for your brilliant and inspired osteopathy. You clearly have a unique, subtle but very effective approach. And are up to date with modern osteopathy. I have had 45 years of treatment and you are the best and most effective Osteopath to treat me. I wholeheartedly recommend you to all your future patients”

Ben, T. Mudeford

“I have lived with chronic migraines and recurrent neck pain for over 15 years and I sought out an Osteopath when my Auntie recommended I see one. I had tried chiropractic and physio treatment and it was only when I went for treatment at Hands on Care Osteopaths with Michelle that things started to look up. Michelle is very knowledgeable and really took time to understand how my migraines and neck pain interrupted my daily life, with gentle treatment and fantastic advice I am in a much better position a year on. Massive thanks to you Michelle.”

Kate, Manager, Southbourne

“As someone who has suffered in silence with an ongoing shoulder/neck problem for many years I finally sought out some help , The hands on care website seemed very professional so I booked an appointment online which was very very easy to do.

But that was only the start Michelle is very friendly and explains her methods clearly in a way that not only relieved any anxieties I had ,but also got me interested in the whole process. The treatment itself is not painful in anyway Michelle is very very gentle and her personality and skill keeps you relaxed throughout. The results for me have been fantastic.

Within two appointments the shoulder and neck have improved hugely and after only four appointments the aches and pains have all but gone with more mobility as a result.

I was always convinced that this sort of treatment wasn’t for me in the past. But I am happy to admit that Michelle has completely changed my attitude and I’m feeling so much better because of it.”

David J, Southbourne

“Highly recommend Hancock Osteopathy, having always suffered from lower back pain for as long as I can remember, Michelle was able to diagnose the problem, release the discomfort and gave fantastic advice on stretching and posture to avoid further back problems.”

Daniel, Carpenter, Southbourne

“Since having my daughter I have suffered with a lot of general aches and pains in my neck and upper back area. Michelle has been amazing, she was able to pin point exactly what the problem was and gently but effectively ease my discomfort. After the second session I was amazed at how much difference she had made and was able to sleep so much more comfortably. I would highly recommend Hancock Osteopathy!”

Leanne, Dental Nurse, Poole,

“I went to Michelle following lower back pains for an extended time and she was able to find exactly where the issue was extremely quickly. Michelle was very gentle and ensured at all times that I was happy with the level of treatment I was receiving. Since then, I've experienced no more issues in my lower back and have been able to comfortably resume physical activities. I would happily recommend Michelle to anyone with similar issues.”

Daniel, IT engineer, Boscombe

“I saw Michelle after nearly half a season of really bad pain in my ankles when playing football. I used to just strap up and put up. But after a few sessions and her magic hands things started to improve. Her knowledge and professionalism was amazing. The strengthening Exercises along with dynamic stretching have really helped. No more strapping and no more pain. I'm just gutted she has moved so far away.”

Martin, Train driver, Chelmsford

“Since having my three children over 20 years ago and occupational hazards of lifting and handling as a Nurse, I had experienced on off niggling lower back and pelvic discomfort for years. After listening to "my story", Michelle very effectively and professionally implemented a short course of treatment and advised exercises and a few small lifestyle changes. The effect has been great! I can't thank Michelle enough and would highly recommend her.”

Wendy Southbourne

“Having had long standing lower back pain as a result of motor cycle and rugby injuries for years I tended to suffer in silence. However, after listening to my history, the expert hands of Michelle found exactly where the issue was. Michelle was very gentle and ensured at all times that I was happy with the level of treatment I was receiving. Since then and with the exercises Michelle recommended, my lower back pain has improved. I would happily recommend Michelle to anyone with similar issues.”

David, Southbourne

“Having soldiered on with lower back pain for a year i decided to visit Michelle.my only regret is I wished I'd done it sooner.with expert guidance I am now pain free.michelle is proof that you can overcome all these annoying aches and pains.many thanks again.”

Lee, Christchurch

“I saw Michelle two weeks before the London Marathon and received amazing treatment for a back and calf injury. I would never have made it round the course without her help. Thank you!”

Fiona, Chelmsford

“Michelle was excellent today. I'm someone who hates seeing anyone about anything - I'd rather put up with it and hope it goes away! Michelle put me at ease, explained everything in simple terms, gave me plenty of advice, all of which has really helped.”

Mark, Chelsford

“I highly recommend Michelle, she is warm, approachable, professional and knowledgeable. She really knew her stuff, I could feel instant relief. My back got better and my understanding of my own body grew and that is all thanks to her.”

Hollie, London

“My back felt ‘freer’ than it has in years- I can bend, twist and bear weight without having to worry about something ‘going’. Nearly a year later, and I’ve had no recurrence of back pain, or twinges.

Michelle herself is very professional and yet warm- she explains things clearly, makes sure you are comfortable during treatment, and is interested in you and your progress.”

Glenda, London

“Thank you Michelle for helping me to be more flexible and pain free, it has been such a help.”

Gill, London

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